Our company selected the development of miha bodytec GmbH from dozens of EMS devices after careful chasing, consideration, personal trial and testing. With this we chose innovation, dynamics and the highest standard of quality.

The programs of the device created by experts were developed on the basis of scientific facts and studies, all along keeping in mind optimal usability and easy operation.

Our EMS device is produced in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards. The commitment for outstanding product quality is the factor that made miha bodytec GmbH the leading EMS trainer producer of its sector.

Speedfitness Kft. is the exclusive distributor of miha bodytec GmbH in Hungary and Romania.

Speedfitness Kft. stands as a strong and competent partner at its customers side and wish to provide the best possible service for the concept elaborated by miha bodytec. All this is guaranteed by unique solutions, excellent education and convincing target group identification.

Our clear goal is to get widespread recognition for miha bodytec EMS technology in various segments. We try to achieve the highest customer satisfaction; we consistently increase and stabilize the level of quality, since this is the only way to achieve above-average success in beauty, well-aging, fitness and medical application.



Population ageing and the appreciation of free time, healthy life style and beauty are the factors on which we base our brilliant service. Market trends show the steep advance of service industry and at the same time miha bodytec is perfectly designed to meet the special needs of people of the modern era. Quick training, fast results, personal care and motivation, prevention, rehabilitation, beautiful and streamlined body… these are the factors that are important to all of us and represent a high value. We believe that miha bodytec not only provides slim and healthy body, but radically changes the quality of life. The experienced strength, posture improvement and more beautiful body image do not only have aesthetic relevance: it has an uplifting effect both on the body and soul. We offer a real, reform lifestyle change to our guests and long-term, stable business concept to our partners.


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