Application form – Product complaint

Please note, that miha bodytec policy doesn’t offer warranty for wear and tear amortisation of spare parts.

In case your product is in good condition and was used only for a few months, please send the parts back to us for an examination by the producer.

The examination and delivery process will take approximately 4 – 5 weeks.

If your work flow depends on the broken spare part , we would recommend to order a new one ( as it is useful to have some of the main products always on stock, like an I-connect, a cable set and an extra vest.

If miha bodytec exchanges the product for a new one, you may ask for a refund (if you don’t want to have a second part on your stock).

On the other hand, we will send the exchanged part back to your address.

The refund option is only available for new technology “i-body” products! Previous type electrodes or repaired products are automatically sent back to you after exchanged or repaired.

Please note that if the product compaint was rejected, we do not pay the transport fee to your address. Please then make a pre-payment online with the transport cost to receive the product:

  • To Hungary 944 HUF
  • To other countries 18 €