Biotech hipotonic drink


Multi Hypotonic Drink concentrate: Hypotonic drink rich in vitamins and minerals, but low calorie dietary supplement (with invert sugar and sweeteners). BioTech Multi Hypotonic Drink provides rapid hydration plus the added benefits of vitamins and minerals. When the body is depleted of fluid through sweating, exercise performance drops. In addition to fluids, muscles need energy to work optimally. This is why BioTech Multi Hypotonic Drink is optimal, as through its carbohydrate content it provides energy for muscles. The increased energy level is accompanied by improved performance. Everyone experiences muscle soreness after a workout. BioTech Multi Hypotonic Drink contains vitamins that reduce the potential for muscle soreness. Directions for use: dissolve 10 ml Multi Hypotonic Drink concentrate in 500 ml water. Size: 1000 ml. Flavours: Pineapple, Wild berries, Lemon, Mohito, Orange.