miha bodytec clean and fresh (detergent)


Special detergent with disinfecting and odor eliminating effect for the miha bodytec electrode vests and underwear.Already effective at low temperature and in case of hand wash.
Does not contain bleach or colouring matter, protects fabric.
Suitable for both machine and hand washing.
100% biodegradable detergent.

The functional miha bodytec electrode vests, accessories and cotton suits can be only washed at 30-40 degrees, either by hand or machine washing on delicate cycle. The low temperature and delicate treatment alone do not allow for perfect hygiene. Unpleasant odors can therefore be often felt even after washing. Sweat in itself is basically odorless and the typical odor only occurs as a result of interaction with bacteria. The development of these unpleasant odors is prevented by the special detergent of miha bodytec clean anf fresh.