i-body belt silicone part pair


Replacement silicone parts for i-body buttocks belts in case of disruption.


  • Please make sure not to pull the silicone itself to reposition the belt.
  • Permanently elastic stretching areas made of latex-free silicone for optimal fit and easy cleaning
  • Please check the following support video where you can see the Buttocks belts and check the proper application:  LINK 

Please choose Extension set for i-body belt to the buttocks belt for larger body sizes. Please select the sizes of the electrode carefully for your clients, to make sure that those are not overstressed and have a brake down. Be aware that no claims of disrupted silicone arms will be exchanged free of charge if you do not have the extensions for the belts among your accessories. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please free to ask on info@speedfitness.com!